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Children From Broken Homes Essay

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Children From Broken Homes
Jessica D King
Park University


All of us come from different backgrounds, two parent homes, single parent homes, raised by grandparents ect. However, there are also those that come from homes that never really existed. These children grew up mostly on the street, sometimes with a parent or both, and sometimes they grew up mostly by themselves, with no one to comfort them, to teach them right from wrong, to love them when they needed it the most. Do these children have less of a chance than those who came from a ‘stable home’ or are they destined to be condemned to a life of crime? I will talk about the difference between ‘broken homes’ and ‘stable homes,’ how they differ in parental situations and economic outcomes/status, and the problems that society most closely associates with children from ‘broken ...view middle of the document...

However, I think this definition is highly outdated, as a broken home could be due to ones parents being drug addicts, in prison etc. Children from the traditional definition of a non-traditional definition, ‘broken home’ don’t have that different of a lifestyle (in my opinion) as those from stable homes, they have parents who love and support them, who are there to comfort them and so on. Though we could even say that a ‘broken home’ is one with step-parents, or gay and lesbian parents, it really depends on personal definition in this case, and I believe that this definition comes from a variety of different reasons, and societies view on the issue.
There are many different reasons a broken home can come about, divorce, a death of a parent, one or both parents on drugs or incarcerated. Many children would not even view themselves as being from a broken home, due to the life they are living being the only thing they know. I have spoken to a man, whose mother jumped him around from town to town, when she was in jail he stayed with his aunt, or foster homes. He didn’t think of himself as a child from a broken home, he was just trying to survive. Most of his experiences were not pleasant for a good majority of his life, however, even growing up as he did, on the streets for the most part, he has some good memories of his mom, and the rest of his family. I’m sure there are more children that experience similar situations as this, but there are those in worse and those who experience better. I would say for the most part, the majority of people do not even ‘see’ that there is a problem, they choose not to.
Do we ignore the problem because we choose too, or do people just feel that it is someone elses problem?

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