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Children Learn The Best By Copying Adults

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Learning is a process of gaining new experiences or transforming the existing information. Learning is easy to carry if it is obtained from the parents because that is the repeated observational learning. Children appreciate their parents without judging them because they are the role models. Children have an ability to learn more by observing others doing any kind of work. Children have brain like a plain paper. They learn good or bad from what they watch around them. First, they watch their family members, how they communicate with each other, their lifestyle, and way of living. They get same impression because they spend most of their time with them. They copy the information which is the ...view middle of the document...

As it is often said "A man is known by the company he keeps". Bad company has a negative influence over a child. This is because the teenagers listen more to their friends than their parents and teachers. The peer group can turn denial into acceptance and gives the children sense of fulfillment in life. Children enjoy playing with friends more than anything in life; there are times when they want to stay with their friends more than their parents. Learning from friends is kind of magnetic and it has creative force in it. They open heart out with their friends and see a gleam of pleasure in their eyes. They believe in them and in a way they are their spiritual guides. Friends and peer group are a kind of sheltering tree for children so whatever they say turns a meal into a feast and a house into a home. We all have at times bent over backwards to please a friend be it a colleague at workplace, a friend at college or even a playground buddy at school. Sometimes in pursuit of pleasing friends and to come in each other's good books they...

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