"Children Of Heaven"Movie Analysis

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19 April 2012
“Children of Heaven” Movie analysis
“Children of Heaven” is a movie about the life of the poor families. The little brother Ali and his sister Zara are the main characters in the movie. Living is such a poor family teaches Ali and Zara a lot of moral values. The lost of Zara’s shoes, the situation and the place they live in and the participation of Ali in the running marathon are all symbols of how much the kids learn throughout their lives and how much they value the little things they have.
The movie takes place in Tehran, where people are very poor. However, living such a simple life and having just enough to survive symbolize the closeness of the family and neighbors, ...view middle of the document...

The love that the little brother and sister have for each other is expressed with the lost of Zara’s shoes. The shoes are symbol of the importance of small things in life. When Ali loses his sister’s shoes he doesn’t want to tell his parents because he knows they don’t have money to buy Zara new shoes. He is so young but he doesn’t want to worry his parents and he faces the problem by himself. He know that without her shoes Zara can’t go to school and he worries a lot about that. This is when the boy and the girl start sharing one pair of shoes and wait for each other so every one of them can go to school on time. They don’t want to botehr their parents with this problem because they know they are poor and can not afford another pair of shoes. Ali and Zara love each other so much and even that the little girl is mad she never tells on his brother. The kids ignore the injustice in life and they still have fun with each other when together they wash the only pair of shoes they have. Zara even wakes up in the middle of the night because it is raining and she is worried that the shoes are going to get wet and they won’t be able to go to school the other day. It is amazing how thees kids are so young and they value things in life so much and every little thing that they have is so important.
The story becomes even more interesting when after running all day to give the shoes to his sister, Ali decides to participate in a running marathon. The scene of the running marathon in the movie is another symbol of the love and care that these poor people have for each other. The have so much different values that people in modern places...

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