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Children Of The City Essay

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Children of The City
By Amadis Ma. Guerrero

About The Author
Amadis ma Guerrero was born in Ermita, Manila in 1941, hegraduated from the Ateneo de manila in 1965 from theUniversity of Santo Tomas in 1959. His short story “Children of the City” is a departure from his usual style. It won the PalancaAwards in 1971.
This story happened in the late 1980’s. Everything occurredin the dark perilous busy streets of Manila.


He is a boy from Intramuros. At the age of eight, he loses hisfather and his mother abandons him for some other man. He ishired as a newsboy by his uncle and starts his life on the streets.Innocent and young, he ponders on the menace and vices of ...view middle of the document...

Tio Pedring
Victor’s uncle, he adopted victor after the leaving of hissister. He forces victor to become a newspaper boy.
He is a newspaper boy. He was victor’s new friend. Thoughfull of cruel vices, Victor took his death as another major loss.

The father of the boy Victor got involved in a strike. He actsas though it was nothing and takes Victor to night walks aroundManila. He takes Victor’s mind off vices and promises Victor abright future someday.One day, during the strike. Victor’s father was shot dead inthe heart. His wife mourned greatly and his son was subdued. Thewife began to disappear late at night and come home early dawn.She refuses to take care of Victor. And then, she comes homewith some goon, telling that the goon will be Victor’s new dad.Victor didn’t like the stranger at all. As often as possible, he triesto stay out of his mom and her lover’s way.And then, Victor just woke up with his mother and the mangone. His Uncle Pedring introduces to take care of him. Herecruits Victor to a newspaper job. The man does not treat Victorwell unless he brings home money.During his job, Victor meets Nacio. Nacio was also anewspaper boy. He taught Victor various tricks in newspaperselling. They become close friends.Victor’s job grew prosperous. Soon, his “Boss” starts to trusthim with a ration of 20 papers a day. He becomes contented withhis life until-Nacio was run over a car. He was dead. Victor grieved for hisfriend just like the way he did with his father. He gets beaten upwith the other kids.His colleagues beat him up whenever he refuses to smoke orsay curse words… Victor was defiant at first. But after long, tiredof being tossed around like a stray dog-Victor finally gave up.

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