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China: Analysis Of The Documentary "Last Train Home"

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China's massive population has always been a major difficulty for the government as it has struggled to provide for it. The major economic changes of China in the last decade have brought on new and different economic and social challenges. Some of these issues are depicted in the documentary film “Last Train to China.” The purpose of this paper is to discuss some of these points that the film brings to ...view middle of the document...

Both of these claims have a basis in fact. Most people, not only the rising class of millionaires, have gained materially as a result of China's huge increase in GDP.
However, because of the increased role of the influence of the market and the breakdown of socialist institutions, this added wealth has been accompanied by many damaging effects such as mass unemployment, inhumane and dangerous working conditions, and inadequate health care. Some of these effects and the consequent breakdown of the traditional Chinese social structures, especially in the rural areas are seen in real life in the “Last Train”, and will be analyzed in this paper.
The movie depicts the life of rural villagers who are migrant workers in China’s cities. This paper will also discuss some of the economic and social implications of the population that the Zhangs represent.

Mass Production in China
China is competitive in the manufacturing industry with its quick and cheap labor. However, their low price of production comes at a high price of workers’ quality of life. Thus, China’s dominance has mainly been a disadvantage to workers, yet the hardships...

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