China And Ethics Essay

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1. Comment on three unethical practices that china has been accused, do you think that these practices were necessary for china’s economic survival?

China has been accused of various unethical practices in a host of industries. Overall, Chinese business ethics are built on the basis of "guanxi," a fundamental principle and practice underlying the whole of the Chinese social fabric. Guanxi places relationships and the moral obligations flowing from those relationships above other considerations, including written law. It not only is accepted in China, it is regarded as a moral obligation that people who have known each other for an extended period of time and have collaborated and helped ...view middle of the document...

Human Rights - Human rights remains a controversial topic in China with a focus on issues such as labour standards in the supply chain, child labour, human trafficking, civil and political rights. High profile scandals have included the spate of suicides in the Foxconn factory in the Shenzhen province over poor factory working conditions in 2010-2012, child labour among Nike suppliers in the 1990s and the arrest of human rights activists. Recent research by China Labour Watch found that working conditions were “deplorable" across Apple’s Chinese suppliers; the key issues being excessive working hours, low wages, overcrowded/dirty dormitories, hazardous working conditions, inadequate trade unions, excessive use of agency labour, poor food and routine cheating of overtime pay.
I do not believe these practices were necessary for Chinas survival. Relationships should be valued in business but not at the expense of breaking the laws. What is considered unacceptable practice in a Western context because core principles would be violated, may be acceptable in another because those core principles would not be violated. It is important for companies entering the Chinese market to bear cultural traits in mind when rolling out ethics programs and training accordingly.

2. Do you think trade with china is benefitting or crippling the US and the Caribbean?

Trade with China and the United States and Caribbean has been beneficial to all parties. In the 36 years since China and the United States established diplomatic ties, China-U.S. commercial relations started from scratch and took off. Last year, bilateral trade in goods hit $555.1 billion, up 227-fold since diplomatic relations were forged and reflecting the integration of China’s economy with the world economy. Just three hours after China and the U.S. established diplomatic relations in 1979, Coca-Cola announced its entry into the Chinese market, bringing a whole new experience to tea-drinking Chinese consumers and introducing them to modern marketing based on the value of brand. Gradually breaking into the Chinese market, Coca-Cola won the hearts of Chinese consumers. In the following three decades, drink makers from the two countries have cooperated and competed extensively in the Chinese market.
Textiles used to be an important Chinese export to the U.S. From cloth to garments, from...

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