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China Jamaica And America Essay

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China, Jamaica, and America Ethics Case Study
Tammy M Langewisch
December 3, 2012
Andrew Sargent, MBA, JD

China, Jamaica, and America Ethics Case Study
In the article, “A Study of Differences in Business Ethical Values in Mainland China, the U. S. and Jamaica,” writes about the results of a second research performed that compares what has been considered third world countries, Mainland China and Jamaica, to the United States (U. S.), and how each countries culture impacts ethical decision making in businesses. The study contained five vignettes and two hypotheses. The vignettes were scenarios in which the subjects responded to, according to what they believed were ethical ...view middle of the document...

However when a situation such as new technology giving the company a competitive edge but produced air pollution, Jamaica was more so inclined to go forward with new technology (Fok, Hartman, & Kwong, 2005).
When it comes to justifying behavioral choices in each case the study shows that behavioral choices are different in the three countries. The study also found that when it came to bribery, America and Jamaica responded that it would be unethical to take bribes, while the majority of Chinese respondents claimed it is acceptable. However those Chinese and Jamaican respondents that stated that bribery was ethical rationalized their decision by claiming that it was an acceptable practice in other countries and a bribery payment was just the price for doing business (Fok, Hartman, & Kwong, 2005).
Concepts of Positive and Normative Economics
China’s culture puts them in the concept of normative economics. China is a country focuses on the facts and the cause and effect relationship, which shows in the results of the study. For example the results of the study shows that China and Jamaica use a utilitarian approach when selecting issues based upon the country and economic necessities rather than ethical concerns. Chinese subjects on the other hand, chose not to go forward with pollutant technology, which shows the opinion of what must be (Fok, Hartman, & Kwong, 2005).
Jamaica in its concern to build the economy is willing to take a gamble, be flexible and open to change leading...

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