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Introduction ……………...……………………………………………...3
Launch to Now: A Detailed Timeline ……………...………………...…3
Leaders and Leadership …………………….…………...……….……..4
Planning: Company Strategy, Mission, and Vision …...……………..…5
Evidence of PLOC4E2 …………………………………………..…...…6
Strategic Human Resource Management Policies and Philosophies ...…8
Types of Innovation and Evidence of Entrepreneurship …………...….10
Team Management and Dynamics ………………………………...…..12
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Launch to Now: A Detailed Timeline
Chipotle Mexican Grill was originally created as a stepping stone for Chipotle’s founder, Steve Ells. Ells, an inspired chef, created Chipotle with the intention of funding a larger restaurant. Denver, Colorado was the home of the first Chipotle in 1993. The chain of “fast-casual” food specializing in burritos and tacos started expanding after 1995 to different locations. It wasn’t until five years after the first Chipotle opened that outside investors started getting interested in this up and coming small chain. Chipotle’s biggest investor came from McDonalds. Through their investment, McDonalds was able to help Chipotle do a majority of its expansion. McDonald’s continued investing until 2006 when Chipotle went public on the New York Stock Exchange.
While Chipotle Mexican Grill was always known for their great tasting food and assembly line that makes it happen, they became a leader in serving “Food with Integrity”. “Food with Integrity” is Chipotle’s “commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers” (Chipotle). In 2000, Chipotle began serving naturally raised pork- antibiotic free with a vegetarian diet. Chipotle furthered their food with integrity to naturally raised chicken two years later following with naturally raised beef in 2007. Chipotle realize that by incorporating natural products into their food, it would not only be better for the environment and bodies of its consumers, it would also just taste better overall. Not only did Chipotle highlight the significance of changing their meats but they later followed this concept to their other ingredients from their assembly line.
Chipotle’s pledge to their customers and local farmers is what keeps them on top. Ells, is said to be more interested in the well being of the animals, farmers and consumers than making profit in itself. The new golden foil resembles the celebration of the past 18 years of progress for the company in creating food with the finest and most sustainable ingredients they can find.

Leaders and Leadership
Steve Ells’ heart was always passionately involved with food. He still is an inspired chef and it is known for rarely wearing a suit (see Figure-1). Instead, his energetic and modest approach can be seen around helping as much as he can. Ells’ utilitarian approach, ethical decisions that should produce the greatest good for the greatest number of people (Jones 90), is shown through his large commitment through “Food with Integrity”. While some may not agree with his individual ethics, personal values and attitudes that govern how individuals interact with other people (Jones 95), Ells stands strong with his commitment to small farmers with naturally raised animals instead of focusing on the business aspects of his creation. Ell’s can also be considered a servant leader. He has a strong desire to...

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