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Choosing Software Applications In A Company

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Choosing Software Applications
Choosing software is a crucial part of any business. A business needs different types of software to manage data, process data or provide services to its employees or clients. Selecting the correct software is an important decision, which if done wrongly could results in waste of money and time. Choosing the wrong software will have adverse effects on business. In order to decide on the correct software package for a business, a more procedural process should be followed , which will result in selecting the most appropriate software.
Determining Criteria
To select software for my team or organization, One must first determine a set of criteria against ...view middle of the document...

As the business grows the number of users who will be using the software will increase and proportionally the data handling and managing capacity will increase. The software being selected should be able to handle the increase in data.
Upgrade or Maintenance
Software requires constant maintenance and upgrades to cope up with the ever-changing needs. The vendor supplying the software should be able to provide these services to keep you up-to-date
Hardware & Software Requirements
Software should be able to work independently with out relying on software from other vendors. Operating system requirements or additional packages required to use software should not be depend on other vendors.
Hardware requirements should be generic and should not require specialized hardware, which can require additional cost.
Case Studies & Vendor Reputation
Case studies of the software and its implementation in similar problems, Return of investments of the software and issues faced in the implementation are work considering while selecting software. The vendor who is supplying the software should have good reputation of sales and support.
Integration into business
The software should be easy to implement in your organization. Software should not affect the current business operations.
Software should comply with all security standards of the organization. The vendor should issue security certification.
Ease of use
The software should be easy to use with intuitive user interfaces. Software should not have any complex flows. Software should also have adequate documentation and examples to aid the user while using the software
License cost and product cost of the software should be justifiable though an estimated ROI. If the new software is going to replace existing ones, the migration cost should also be considered. Hardware costs and maintenance costs also contribute to the ROI.

Software Selection Matrix
Based on the criteria discussed in the previous selection, a software selecting matrix is developed as follows. For each criterion, a score is determined. Software applications that are under consideration can be scored using the below matrix to determine which software best fits the organizations...

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