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Cigarette Smoking Should Not Be Banned

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Bethany Johnson
Racquel Smith
ENC 1101
Cigarette Smoking Should Not Be Banned
Every time one of those anti-smoking commercials come on tv, it’s always questionable about how people can still continue to smoke after seeing something so graphic. Especially the one where the woman is in the bathroom, and her face starts to basically peel off. So gross! Why would someone still want to smoke, knowing that it completely destroys their body? Maybe, because people know that those commercials are just scare tactics, and that someone’s face is not literally going to peel off from smoking. Smoking, just like drinking, or even driving, is risky, but it’s also a choice. They would never ban driving, even after all of the deaths caused every day. They definitely wouldn’t try banning alcohol again, even after all the deaths it still causes. So, why should ...view middle of the document...

Should they start banning Mcdonalds too? Or soda? Or even driving?
One particular argument for banning cigarettes is, because cigarettes contain thousands of potentially harmful ingredients, that it’s better to have the government ban them completely(Dawson, 3). The idea of smoking angers them and they hate seeing people harming their own bodies. Also, second-hand smoking is a big deal(Amy, 1). People smoking around others is extremely rude, because some people who don’t smoke could have breathing problems already, and the cigarette smoke could in some way be making that worse for them. Maybe, if people were more considerate about not smoking around others, people wouldn’t be so against it. Either way, it’s a disgusting habit that eventually ruins the body, and will cause a serious disease, like lung cancer or throat cancer(James, 1).
The government shouldn’t come in and ban some peoples personal choices. Yes, they should be considerate about smoking around other people, but they should not be told whether or not they are aloud to smoke. Everyone knows the potential dangers of smoking, just like they know the potential dangers of driving every day, or drinking alcohol. People still drive, don’t they? And they still drink, don’t they?
Clearly both arguments are strong. But why should others have the privilege of banning another person's personal choice? They aren’t the ones taking in the toxins and harming themselves. They don’t know what it’s like to need nicotine everyday once the body is addicted. Also, just like drinking, or driving, or eating huge amounts of junk food, it’s a personal choice.

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