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Cja/304 Week 4 Essay

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“Technology has helped enhance communication in the criminal justice system as well as the communication capabilities of specialized databases within the criminal justice system. There are many forms of technology in use today in the criminal justice field such as iris scans and mobile data terminals. In this particular paper I intend to discuss and compare different forms of specialized databases, as well as the negative and positive effects due to all the new technologies in the criminal justice that has been and is currently being incorporated in the day today actions and activities.
One such specialized database used to help with communication is the mobile data terminal (MDT). This ...view middle of the document...

Different patterns in the eye are taken by a camera and then scanned. No one person’s eyes are the same. Everyone’s eyes contain different patterns that make them unique thereby making the device’s results accurate due to a person’s eye patterns different from any other person. Communication in the criminal justice system is improved by this technology. It (iris scans) allows officers to determine if a person has already been processed in the criminal database as well as if they (the person) has a criminal history or background while allowing other jurisdictions to be able to access the same forms of information even if they (officers) are not in the same town or city. Iris scans and iris recognitions have only been used in the past decade and the government wants to continue to see this type of technology grow within the criminal justice system (Technology LLC, 2010). Currently, iris scans are used mainly for database access, watch lists, security purposes, border crossings, passports, and computer logging.
Two very popular methods being used today in law enforcement are Iris Scanning and Mobile Data Terminals (MDT). Iris scanning is a rapidly advancing technology being deployed in the police, military surveillance, immigration enforcement, retail shopping, and prison release programs (Privacy SOS Sunlight on Surveillance, 2011). Most police and emergency vehicles are installed with an MDT, and all officers have the required training to operate the software.
The first experiences with MDT in law enforcement date back to the early 1980's. Law Enforcement officers use the MDT today, as it can do a range of things: send messages directly to dispatch or another officer, inquiry into State or Federal Databases, GPS tracking, and retrieve information from local police agencies for criminal intelligence (Monopoli, 1996). Most agents and dispatchers communicate with an MDT throughout a shift. The MDT's are accessible to the department's central computer and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases. Officers having this access will improve on response times, relaying information, and have the ability to provide accurate information to other members of the bureau, dispatchers, and databases.
The overall positive effect due to the new technologies serves to achieve important social purposes in criminal justice by accessing the use of confidential information of any records division. The facial recognition has a relatively high length of time of being conveyed incorrectly, however, in spite of the fact that facial recognition technology fails to provide accurate information in accordance with an accepted standard in an efficient way of identifying terrorists or wanted suspects, some of the intended course of actions publicized on September 11, 2001, the day of terrorist attacks killing thousands of people, recommended the use of enhanced database technology such as in immigration and airport security areas who have considered to...

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