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Appendix A

Clash of Cultures

Complete the grid by describing the characteristics listed in the left-side column for the five groups named.

| |Native Americans |Northern Colonists |Mid-Atlantic Colonists |Southern Colonists |West Africans |
|Political Structure|Politics advanced in large |Participated in discussions, took |The Middle Colonies were generally|The southern colonies had a |Politics advanced in large |
| |kingdoms that oversaw and |votes on projects and taxes. Laws |run by Royal or Proprietary ...view middle of the document...

The men would hunt for |immigrants working for money and a|generally grouped into three |how much wealth a person had. The |Guinea lived in kinship groups |
| |food |start to a new life |social classes: the gentry, the |best way to get more of it was to |and, through them, in villages, |
| | | |rich people and best educated; the|acquire more land for more |which were part of larger kingdoms|
| | | |middle class, basically farmers |cultivation. Since bringing over |and woven together by a web of |
| | | |and small merchants; and the lower|indentured servants was the |roads. The Africans of Lower |
| | | |class, sailors and apprentices. |easiest way to get more land, it |Guinea were mostly farmers, living|
| | | | |became a popular for wealthy |in settled agricultural areas. |
| | | | |planters to bring in the | |
| | | | |indentured servants in mass | |
| | | | |numbers. | |
|Cultural Values |Religious thought and action are |The north had a greater percentage|People in the middle colonies had |The south was more of an |The Africans possessed slaves |
| |integrated into every aspect of |of middle class people. Far more |varied lifestyles and participated|agricultural society with more of |usually captives from wars or |
| |the sociocultural fabric of the |northerners belonged to the |in many different religions. The |a division between the wealthy and|debtors who |
| |traditional Native American life. |republican party and far more |reasons for the variety of |the poor. The south had a higher |had sold themselves into slavery |
| |Spirituality is considered a |likely to have careers in |cultures is due to the fact that |percentage of horsemen and |to pay off their |
| |natural component of everything. ...

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