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Classification Of Rock And Roll Music

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Kendall, Scott A.
Instructor Rory Lukins
Composition and Language
Classifications of Rock and Roll Music
It is said that music makes the world go round. That is a very true fact. If there was no music the world would be a much lonelier, quieter and boring place to live. Music fills our lives with happiness and sadness. Sometimes it makes us mad. Sometimes it makes us want to dance. It has been around since the invention of man.
The love of music starts at a very young age and continues into adulthood and old age. Whatever type of music you listen to is your choice. There are many types of music to choose from. There is Country & ...view middle of the document...

There are many people today, in the 21st century, who still see Rock & Roll music as the product of the Devil. They see the lyrics and the sound of it as rude and crude. Even though this was and still is the case, Rock & Roll music progressed. It grew through the 1950’s and became even more popular in the 1960’s with bands like Jan and Dean, The Beach Boys, and Paul Revere and the Raiders, whose rock music was based around cars, and girls, and hanging out on the beach and partying with friends.
As the 1960’s progressed a harder style of Rock and Roll was introduced. Bands like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Doors were born. They played their Rock & Roll music with a heavier sound, but it dealt with basically the same subjects as The Beach Boys, and Paul Revere and the Raiders, Their music also contained some psychedelic undertones, like the use of drugs and alcohol. It was played with a much harder and faster drum beat and louder guitars.
Near the mid to late 1960’s Rock & Roll became even heavier sounding with bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who. It was the beginning of the Heavy Metal genre. The guitars and the drums were played heavier and louder and the vocals were more energetic. It became even much heavier in the early 1970’s with bands like Aerosmith, Judas Priest, and Kiss. The 1970’s was a good time for Rock & Roll Music. The births of many different genres of Rock & Roll came during this time. There was the birth of Punk Rock with bands like the Sex Pistols and Alice Cooper. There came the birth of Disco with such bands as Kool and the Gang and KC and the Sunshine Band. For a little while Heavy Metal was put on the back burners until the late 1970’s when the popularity of Disco music died out.
Rock & Roll progressed even further in the 1980’s with the insurgence of Thrash, or Speed Metal with...

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