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Classroom Management And Motivation Essay

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Classroom Management and Motivation

1a. Describe 5 class rules you would enforce. Give reasons for your choice of each rule.
1b. What are the consequences for breaking these rules?

There are four categories of disciplinary behaviors identified by Stage and Quiroz, they are: (1) reinforcement, (2) punishment, (3) no immediate consequences, and (4) combined punishment and reinforcement.

Rules have to be clear and preferably with no room for misinterpretation.

The level of appropriateness for disciplinary action must be in conjunction with the behaviour. Therefore, it is significant to match the consequence to the seriousness of the infractions.

Rule: Keep your hands to ...view middle of the document...

They will also be enrolled in the corrective-work- order squad and assigned duties for a month.

Rule: Coming back to class immediately after Mother Tongue lesson.
Students are expected to be back in their class for their subsequent lesson and seated with their books for that lesson no more than 5 minutes after the Mother Tongue lesson.
Reason: Students must learn to be responsible for their movement and take ownership of their role as dutiful students by moving for their next lesson in an efficient manner. The longer they take to get back to class for lesson, the lesser time they have for the subsequent lesson and they would be loitering and disturbing other classes’ lessons.
Consequences: Combine no immediate consequence, punishment and reinforcement: Students who are later than 5 minutes are given a verbal warning up to the third time. After which, the student would be required to attend detention (on the 3rd and 4th time being late) for 1 hour and, subsequently, 2 hours of detention for the 5th time late onwards. The student’s late coming is a distraction to the lesson. However, if any students who are ready and have their books out for the next lesson will be given early recess (on Friday) of 5 - 10 minutes if they are behaving in this consistently favourable manner for the whole week.

Rule: Moving off in an orderly fashion for CPA lesson at the computer lab.
When students are getting ready to go to the computer lab, they have to first get up from their seats and push it in silently and slowly walk out of class and form a single line with no movement.
Reason: Students must learn to be responsible for their individual action and behaviour. They should also understand how their action can affect the other classes’ lessons. Their rowdiness and inability to follow instructions is a bad influence and should not be condoned.
Consequences: Punishment (corrective) followed by negative punishment: If these students push the chairs in loudly, dash out of class, unable to form a single line but one that is haphazard and rowdy. the teacher will require the students to return to class silently, be seated quietly, review their behaviour and then try the earlier procedure of lining up in a single file and quietly again. If the class persistently behave in the undesirable manner for the next 2 subsequent CPA lesson, then the students will have to practice this routine for 30 minutes after school hours according to the number of time they fail to move off in an orderly fashion to the computer lab.

Rule: Visiting inappropriate websites.
Reason: Students must learn to be responsible for their own action and learn the importance of behaving in an appropriate manner that encourages high level of moral and ethical values.
Incident: Students are in the computer lab during their regular CPA lesson. One of the students...

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