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Client Paper

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Client Paper
Problems are a part of life – everyone’s life. In the field of human services, clients seek help for these problems from human service professionals. The human service professional in turn, equipped with many different skills, aspires to help the client find and execute a plan to resolve their problems. Here we will expand on both the problems experienced and the skills used to resolve them.
Client problems can be thought of, defined, and approached in many ways using various theories. The theory used or the view or approach taken to define the client’s problems can often times determine the approach to the resolution of the problem. No matter the approach, defining ...view middle of the document...

They can have difficulty moving past these situations mentally with possible issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or may have been physically disabled as a result. (Woodside & McClam, 2011)

Helping Skills
The skills that the human service professional possesses and utilizes are extremely important to cultivating the helping relationship. The helping relationship is the foundation helping as it is the instrument used to deliver the help the professional has to offer. This foundation is built on the skill of effective communication skills such as interpretation of both verbal and nonverbal messages by using responsive listening or active listening. Attending behavior is another skill that human service professionals employ.
Responsive listening or active listening is the type of listening that human service professionals utilize. This skill or technique which is developed over time allows the helper to listen to both what is being said and what is not being said. By taking into consideration the words being spoken combined with the tone they are spoken in as well as gestures made by the client and/or facial expressions and movements the client may or may not be aware of, the human service professional can interpret the thoughts and feelings that the client is experiencing.
This level of attention can be conveyed to the client by exhibiting behaviors that can be remembered with the acronym SOLER. The following five behaviors make up the SOLER model:
• S – Facing the client squarely as this posture conveys involvement and interest. Angling away even slightly can lessen the degree of perceived involvement.
• O – Adopt an open posture because this is viewed by the client as being nondefensive. Do not cross your arms or legs as this does not communicate openness or availability to the client and their needs.
• L – Lean toward the client with a slight inclination as this is a natural sign of involvement and interest and moving away from the client can be construed as an act of lessened involvement. This should not be interpreted as moving toward the client as this may frighten or put them on guard.
• E – Maintain good eye contact because this is a normal way to conduct oneself when two individuals are engaged in conversation. This should not be interpreted as...

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