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Cloud Essay

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Cloud Clients for Security and Compliance
Proper data and endpoint security is a necessity in the financial services data environment.
Cloud client solutions at end-points formerly occupied by PCs can increase data
security, governance, and compliance through a centrally stored data base and managed
infrastructure. Cloud clients can be configured to support the latest identity management
and access control policies and best practices though the use of two-factor authentication.
Cloud clients can also be centrally configured to restrict user access to specific resources,
and access rights can be changed without having to service or modify the desktop in any
way. By using cloud ...view middle of the document...

A primary goal of Windows Azure is to be a platform on which ISVs can implement Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Amazon's EC2, in contrast, provides a host for virtual machines, but the user is entirely responsible for outfitting the virtual machine with the needed software.
Windows Azure has three components: a Compute service that runs applications, a Storage service, and a Fabric that supports the Compute and Storage services. To use the Compute service, a developer creates a Windows application consisting of Web Roles and Worker Roles using the .NET API or the Win32 API. A Web Role package responds to user requests and may include an ASP.NET web application. A Worker Role, often initiated by a Web Role, runs in the Azure Application Fabric to implement parallel computations. Unlike other parallel programming frameworks such as MapReduce or Dryad, Worker Roles are not constrained in how they communicate with other Worker Roles.

Most IT departments have concentrated their cloud planning efforts on the data center. But it’s extremely important for IT to understand the role of clients in delivering cloud services and applications.
Moving to the cloud introduces security, performance, management, and user experience issues into your computing environment. The clients you choose to deploy in this new environment can help alleviate—or exacerbate—these issues. As a result, they have a direct impact on the success of your cloud initiatives.
Your cloud infrastructure will, of course, need to accommodate many different kinds of clients, including PCs, smart phones, tablets, and more. This guide...

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