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My research focus is on cloud computing and storage, and specifically public cloud, which is one of the four deployment models in our textbook. Cloud computing is a rapidly growing industry in our culture. The public cloud is a place where you can store data without it taking up space on your computer and also giving you the ability to access it anywhere over the internet. There are some concerns over security but all in all the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and usage the cloud in business as well as personal life is not going away anytime soon.

Utilizing public cloud for applications is less expensive than owning and ...view middle of the document...

[1] So, for an individual or business who does not need a lot this is definitely the way to go.

Google drive is still fairly recent and to most people it seems to have just replaced Google Docs. The difference is that it is actually more like Dropbox in that you can store much more than what you create there.[2] They also are offering up more features, one really cool one being PDF to text conversion. Adobe offer software that can do this but usually at a price where Google offers its Optical Character Recognition abilities for free.[3] As with docs, you have the ability to create documents much like those in Work, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, for free and save them on the cloud.

Cloud technology is becoming more and more crucial to businesses, mainly because of the cost saving but also because of the portability. [4] Business is on the go, at home, and on multiple devices. People need to be able to access their information/systems from multiple locations and also allow multiple users to those applications and documents. Working on the cloud has made sharing organized data faster than ever. This is a technology that will only continue to grow.





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