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Cmgt 554/It Infrastructure Week 3 Essay

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project (Week 3)
University of Phoenix

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project
Today most new building construction is built with new technology and is not as much concerned with the type of budgets that a hospital muse consider in order to redesign a whole new network structure for the purpose of being more optimal and maintaining standards that keep up with advances in new technology. In most cases, a hospital’s network can transition over time with new technology and evolve into meeting the demands it requires to perform effectively. However, upgrading a hospital’s entire network can often be very ...view middle of the document...

This paper will provide an analysis of the network systems used at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital and identify the design inefficiencies along with providing a recommended solution for improving the network architecture.

Analysis of Hospital Network
In the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, the hospital’s administrative departments which include the IT Data center uses a 1000 BaseT Ethernet connection. The Ethernet for these departments runs on CAT 6 cable from the network bridge. A CAT 6 cable “is great for "future proofing" your installation. They are rated to carry network speeds above 1000 Mbps (Gigabit)” (Network Cable, 2012). The other portions of the hospital which include the clinical departments (radiology, operating rooms, intensive care units (ICUs), emergency rooms (ERs), and the pharmacy use a 1000 BaseF network architecture connected by a single mode fiber optic cable. Using fiber optic cable instead of copper cable affords a hospital network an opportunity to take advantage of the fiber cable’s dielectric properties. Because fiber optic cables do not have any metallic components, it is preferred because it provides complete electrical isolation as well as noise immunity. The fiber optic’s transmission speed and distance, along with bandwidth capacity and resistance to interference, and decreased maintenance are necessary for the hospital Network to operate efficiently.
As for as a backup system, the hospital maintains a generator that set and the hospital is using network bridges to interconnect its logical network. The good thing about a network bridge is that it can connect multiple network segments and transfer data within the network Recommended Improvements
The logical network design of the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital network architecture follows the bus topology even though the physical design resembles a star topology in many areas. The most likely place for transmission improvement is at the network’s gateway. The single gateway is subject to bottleneck of Ethernet transmissions because the user traffic flowing through the device appears to be too much for a large facility like Patton-Fuller Hospital. The bus topology of the network architecture is not sufficient for the hospital’s need even though the network connections are adequate in functional areas. In this case, a true mesh topology provides more interconnectivity and prevents collision to a greater extent. However, a wireless mesh network would be easier to install and maintain versus using other forms of Ethernet cables including fiber optics.
When it comes to cost, a complete mesh network is expensive and may not necessarily be the most cost effective upgrade. But a combination of wireless mesh networks working in conjunction with existing fiber optic cables and CAT 6 cables increases throughput, access, and bandwidth speed. Another option would be a Wireless mesh network, one which could easily and effectively connect...

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