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Coffee House Essay

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The sweet delight coffee house is a new venture an expected to open the business in March 10, 2014 in Muskegon, MI. The business going to be located outside of Muskegon, MI. This is upscale town. We will specialized in coffee, tea, soda, juice, ice coffee, cappuccinos, brownies, cookies, bagels, muffins, and pizza too. There is no other shop that sells pizza in this town. Our target audience is families, college students, middle and high school students and all ages. The sweet delight coffee house will serve this area well and become well known for years to come. The sweet delight coffee house will become the most amazing coffee house in the area. Our company will serve a sweet delight ...view middle of the document...

Richard Levine
Kyle Lighter
Silvia Moran
Jamie Myers
Cathy Nguyen
Veronica Noll
Nikki Novak
Cayley Pearle
Umberto Rivera
Eric James Santiago
Joseph Schmitz
Diana Serrano
Jason Sink
Dominic Spiezo
Corey Wickes
Jason Wright

Project Selection/Proposal Form
Date: September 7,2012
Project: Course Project on the Sweet Delight Coffee House
Responsible Manager: Eric Santiago
Project Manager: Natalie Lange

Yes | No | The project will take more than 500 labor hours? |
Yes | No | The project is a one-time effort (will not occur on a regular basis)? |

Project Type:
Technology, Customer, Location, Products

Problem Definition:
In the upcoming years we will do surveys to ask the customers what their feelings are and what they think of new shop. However, we need to make sure that we let the Board of Directors what we had decided and what we are going to do to boost our overall customer satisfaction. Our proposal presents the overall of the new The Sweet Delight coffee house opening, and showing you the products we sell too.

Goal Definition: The proposed company project will be the first coffee shop to have muffins, bagels, pizza, ice-cream, brownies, and beer and so on. This building will be 7,000 square foot wing that will be used and be named “The Sweet Delight Coffee house”. Our major goal is to create a specific area for customer to use the Wii ability for them. We have an area for the students, parents, to show off their talents. We will make a commitment to the public to let them know that they can use our facility if we want to perform somewhere.Goals that address our mission: The major focus of this coffee house project to concentrate on our mission to let anyone come in our shop and have a nice family atmosphere.  Provide a well rounded spot for everyone that can benefit who wants to use their computer.Goals that address self-sustainment: With this project in place we expect to stimulate public awareness that will affect these five major revenue producing areas:  Increase new sales Increase new products Increase building space  Hire more employees  Increase sales revenues Objective Definition: Performance: | Looking at our 5 years plan, we expect our company to increase our revenue over $4,000,000. We hope to have annual earned revenue of $10,000,000. In the first year would like to see our company Total be $6,000,000. The project that will be covered in month 2 of 5 years. |
Cost Estimate: | Building expansion including plans, permits, labor and materials - $3,000,000.Exhibit interior including labor, display materials, graphics and exhibit components - $1,000,000Total Project Cost: $4,000,000 Total Project Benefit Over 5 Years: $8,000,000 |
Schedule: | Project duration expected to be 12 months. |

Eric Santiago

1.) How can team leadership be instrumental in ensuring a successful project?

Team leadership provides the motivation and the influence to progress a...

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