Collaboration Case Study

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Collaboration Case Study

|Teacher |Strategies |Reasoning |Opportunities |Challenges |
|1 |Build Rapport: As a literacy coach, I would |Lillian is an experienced teacher which is why I |Collaborative Resource Management: Through|The biggest challenge I can identify in working with |
| |work on building a rapport with Lillian as |chose the collaborative stance. Through validating|collaboration, the teacher and coach work |Lillian, is resistance to coaching suggestions, because ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, I would ask her |for the Literacy Coach position and was not hired,|relationship. | |
| |questions and let her know I am here if she |I think it’s more important to ensure a positive | | |
| |needs support and assist her with classroom |working relationship. Through the collaboration | | |
| |tasks, all while being approachable, |model, I would work collaboratively with Lillian | | |
| |affectively listening, and genuine. Overall, |towards the shared common goal of achieving | | |
| |deliver the message that my goal is to |student success. | | |
| |collaborate and work together. | | | |
| |Collaborative Stance: Once a rapport is | | | |
| |established, I would practice the | | | |
| |collaborative stance; work with Lillian to | | | |
| |analyze data, discuss ideas and strategies | | | |
| |that could be implemented or shared with | | | |
| |other teachers. | | | |
| |Adult Learning Theory: In order to support | | | ...

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