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I would have the employee the claims to have been harassed to first state to me what has been going on, when the harassment begin and to explain what type of harassment the alleged employee has been harassing her with. I would also explain that this type of situation is a serious matter and that the company does not take sexual harassment lightly. I would state to the employee that states that she was harassed that it is a procedure that we must follow and that I will begin the process, but I would ask that she provides a statement as to what happened and I will ...view middle of the document...

While I’m investigating I need to first determine whether the sexual harassment has actually taken place. Some employees may not even realize that they are sexual harassing someone, thinking that it is ok to play like that in the work place, but I would explain that it is never ok to play with an employee on that level, I would give him a verbal warning first, than if it continues he will be reprimanded by being suspended or changing his work shift and if that does not work I will fire the male-employee.
I would advised the female employee that according to certain laws she is protected and I will investigate what is going on and I will find out what happened .
Myself as the Human Resource Manager would need to make sure that the employee is protected and that the female employee feels safe at work, and to make sure that this does not continue. In some instances the employee that has claimed to have been harassed has tried to file a lawsuit against the employer, It is my duty as The Human Resource Manager to handle this situation, due to the fact that according to the Meritor case “an organization cannot claim that they were ignorant to the claim, even though the liability is not automatic.”

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