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How many of you have gone to college and received a degree but still stumbled upon unexpected challenges? You are not alone, many young adults after college believe that their life is finally beginning and it will be perfect without any setbacks. Education is viewed as a vital component of one’s life; although rewarding it too brings about challenges. A college education is not the only challenge young adults are confronted with but it is one that is not often recognized as being a challenge. Financial burden and issues entering the workforce are two things you could be faced with after you are done with college.
There are many advantages for young adults who have a college degree. A college education is an investment into one’s life that provides you with knowledge that leads to a lifetime of opportunity (Invest ...view middle of the document...

5). Tuition, living expenses, and student loan repayment are all factors that lead to financial burden on young adults. Many people like me who didn’t get a full scholarship to college or was blessed with rich parents are left with the burden of repaying debt from college while still trying to deal with daily expenses. According to The Federal Reserve Bank of New York it is projected that 37 million Americans have student loan debt (Pope, 2012). As if it isn’t bad enough that you could be left in debt after college it also may be hard for you to find a good paying. Now I’m going to discuss with you the problems encountered while trying to enter the workforce.
Once you have obtained your college degree and are now looking for a career there are some challenges that you may come across. Finding employment may not be easy and it can often be a “full-time job trying to find a job” (Hooper, 2012). Even with the educational component you are still not considered qualified due to the lack of experience (Kim, 2006). Many college graduates or young adults are challenged with the reality that they may have to accept entry-level jobs with long hours and low pay. You also will be competing with many applicants, even those without any college education because the job market is cyclical and very competitive (Hooper, 2012).
We have arrived now where we began; let’s now talk about what we have learned. Young adults typically go to college expecting to ensure a better lifestyle and to secure their future. Despite the fact that education is a lifelong investment it has become one of the biggest challenges facing young adults today. There is sometimes a misconception of young adults who have a college education. Financial burden and trouble entering the workforce are rarely believed to be challenges for young adults with a college education, hopefully you now know different.

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