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UNIT 8 -Final Project Outline- Sharing Your Insight
Esha M Johnson-Drinkard
Kaplan University

Outline for Final Project-Unit 8- Sharing Your Insight

I. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

A. The college experience is one of growth and discovery. The first advice and best advice I can offer you is to keep an open mind. College is nothing like high school, so try not to compare the two. You don’t have someone watching over you all the time; your parents aren’t going be there to walk you through everything. You have to become independent and strong minded to make it.

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B. Now, self discovery isn’t all glitz and glamour; sometimes you have to get to the core of who you really are. Which means answering some hard hitting question about you? Like, what are your core values? what motivates you to work and what is most important to you above all else. You will find that narrowing that list down is a lot harder than you think. I took a core values test and found trustworthy, loyalty; family, love, and independence were my top five. I also took the LASSI Assessment, which tells you your learning style and study patterns. I found out I am quite well balanced when it comes to tuning things out and studying how I need to. I thought I was a bit frivolous with my studying habits, but turns out, what I do is what is best for me. Self discovery is all about just that, discovering things about yourself that maybe you never thought possible, or you never believed you could achieve. Setting goals in your self discovery journey is key, look into the SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely), once you do that, you build off of them. Giving you a foundation to discover who you are and what you want.

III. The College Experience

A. Experience, let that word soak into your brain, because that is what you need to do. Experience everything college has to offer. Don’t look inside yourself and say, I can’t do that. Instead, say I will try that or I can do that. Change up how you normally are, and experience new things. To be a success you have to think like a success. I have learned that time management and stress management are some strengths I have that go a long way towards my success. Listening to soothing music while studying, or making a to-do list to help organize everything I need to do that day, those things helped me with time management. The better I got a managing my time, the less stressed I was.

B. Strengths and weaknesses is something you will come to know well with the college experience. You may think your professor is mean because they give you some constructive criticism, but they are there to help. With success, again, comes growth and discovery. I learned that although I know how to read a book and comprehend the general idea, I don’t pay enough attention to what I am reading. There is a method out there to help with that, it is the SQ3R method. That stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. I have always been a skimmer when it comes to things I don’t enjoy reading, so when I saw this method, I thought wow, maybe I can use some of this. I found that the survey and recite portions helped me a great deal. Reading my books out loud helped me maintain the information better than trying to comprehend it in my head alone. Then, being able to take notes seemed easier as well. I understood what I read and was able to decipher what was important in the passages, which helped with my note taking.

IV. The Search Is One-Finding a Job

A. Health Science is such a vast...

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