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The Native Americans were treated with no respect. “The term “Indian” and most other names of major Native American groups are terms of convenience applied by White Americans. In most history books, not one of the major Native American groups is recorded under its own name,” (Hall, 2011). Native Americans have different tribes and have culturally diverse groups, about over 500 tribes. Over the years, time and centuries the Native Americans have been misunderstood and mistreated, even by their own conquerors. “The European immigrants who followed Christopher Columbus did not understand the native people any more than the Native Americans comprehended their invaders,” (Hall, 2011). ...view middle of the document...

The protest includes and demonstrates the history and the importance of examining and searching for the real and true facts beyond what has been printed in text books. These protest allow Native Americans to have further investigation and discussion by historians about the actual events that took place. I think we need to have a better understanding and meaning of the holiday Columbus Day and not just as “Americans” focusing on an opportunity store sale.

I think that the mayor should most definitely support the Native American group. The Native Americans have suffered enough and personally everyone has their own story and life to tell but the simple fact that the history seems like it changes when it is passed in text books and more how do we know what to believe in anymore? Maybe the focus on Columbus Day should actually be switch to celebrating Native Americans culture and the birth of America. We have to learn to respect one another’s culture. Today’s Native Americans are asking that their cultural traditions be recognized as an expression of pluralist rather than assimilationist coexistence. We should take the Native Americans seriously and not judge or mistreat them because of what their so called pasted or history was like.


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