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Com/215 Week 2 Essay

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Carl Robins, the new hiring recruiter of ABC, Inc has a very challenging situation. He was tasked with hiring and training fifteen new employees, by June 15th. Carl was given this task in April by his boss Monica however she has not followed up with Carl to ensure the task will be completed on time. Carl did not take the appropriate steps to prepare the new hires for orientation. As we analysis this case we will observe issues with the training for new employees by ABC Inc. and the lack of mentoring by management.
Case background
Carl Robins has successfully hired fifteen new employees to work for ABC Inc. Carl’s boss, Monica Carrolls, has tasked Carl with ...view middle of the document...

Carl did not keep track of what was or wasn’t completed and what information was needed. In addition, he did not reserve the training room for the new employee orientation.
Lastly, the challenge of scheduling the 15 new hires for their drug tests and medical examination and obtaining the results within 13 days. the new employees are required to pass a drug test and physical examination. A drug test and physical examination provide critical information for the employer to choose the right candidate. The new employees may have current jobs or scheduling conflicts preventing them from going to the clinic on a certain day or time. To ensure that the company receives all results prior to orientation, the tests for the new hires must occur within the next seven business days.
Three problems are readily apparent; there was a lack of follow up on the part of upper management. Carl let the ball drop on employee applications and incomplete or missing data, insufficient supply of training manuals, lack of medical and drug testing and no room for orientation.
One solution would be to come clean with Monica and ask for a two week extension, so that the new hire orientation would happen on July 1. This choice would solve the problem by pushing the date back. This would allow the recruiter, Carl, the time required to correct the applications, ensure everyone had completed the drug and physical tests, and prepared the orientation. The estimated time needed to review and complete the missing paperwork for 15 new hires is 20 business days. A minimum of 14 business days is required for individuals to schedule and complete the drug test and physical examination. Extending the start date to July 1, will also allow time for the three weeks required to prepare the orientation documents and reserve the training room. While probably the best solution, it is risky, it may cause Monica to doubt Carl's ability to get his job done, which may also reflect poorly on their department’s ability to deliver as promised. Concurrently, Carl needs to be coached; he needs additional training and should shadow a more senior manager.
Alternative Solutions
Carl and ABC Inc. have several potential solutions to work through the key problems. The first issue is the missing and incomplete applications and transcripts. With Monica’s approval, Carl could enlist the support of management to designate resources to assist with contacting the applicants. With the assistance of two ABC employees, they could distribute the paperwork and each take five...

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