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Communicating In The Workplace Essay

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Communicating in the Workplace: Assignment 1.1

Who was the sender? I was the sender in the misunderstanding.
Who was the receiver? The receiver was a supply vendor that I ordered supplies from.
What was the message? I was trying to order a certain style of parchment paper for awards to be printed on.
What channel was used to send
the message? Computer based ordering program provided by employer. It was basically internet based communication.
What was the misunderstanding
that occurred? The wrong paper was delivered to my ship, and new paper had to be ordered. The stock number that was put in for the paper was similar to the one meant to be ...view middle of the document...

Who was the receiver? The receiver was all supervisors of all personnel included in the watch list.
What was the message? The message was when the watch was to take place, including who was to start and how often the personnel would rotate, and when the watch would stop.
What channel was used to send
the message? Email was used to send out the watch list to all supervisors.
What was the misunderstanding
that occurred? Our department was taken off of the watch list due to a personnel shortage while deployed overseas, and the individual in charge of putting the watch list together was not informed of the changes, creating misunderstanding and confusion amongst our departments.
How could the misunderstanding
have been avoided? My department heads and supervisors could have notified the watch supervisor of the changes through an email, and a courtesy phone call to ensure there would be no confusion.

1. I have learned that communication is still a very vital role in our society today, and that we must still communicate in more than one way and the most convenient way. We must sometimes rely on verbal communication to ensure things are completed or understood in the correct manner and context.
2. The main cause of the misunderstandings, believe it or not, was the wrong choice of communication chosen to interact with the individuals mentioned in the examples above. Had there been a more direct form of communication used, the misunderstandings could have been avoided.

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