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Communication Essay

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More on How I Communicate… I have always made the extra effort to express my ideas and opinions as clearly as I possibly can; idealistically hoping that most people can understand and embrace them. However, I have just realized, after reading Chapter 6-8 of my Looking In Looking Out textbook, that I have yet to develop my full potential as a communicator. Before completing this reading assignment, I did not fully understand a few critical communication concepts and principles, such as the ambiguities of non-verbal human behavior, kinesics, proxemics and the process of self-disclosure, among others. But, most likely, from now on, I will be able to engage in different types of conversations that can be more ...view middle of the document...

For instance, a few years ago, when I was beginning to sale life insurance on a part time basis, I lost numerous sales because I could not always discern what the client’s non-verbal behavior was signaling or showing me throughout the sale’s presentation. In time, by trial and error, I learned to perceive and react more appropriately, to what my prospective clients were communicating non-verbally. However, If I had understood, at that time, what I understand now about the subtleties of kinesics and proxemics, I probably would have been a more effective and prosperous salesman. Likewise, the process and management of self-disclosure explained in the textbook has taught a great deal not only about the subject matter, but also, most importantly, about myself. Since I was a child, I have been considered a rather extroverted individual who exercises a high level of self-disclosure with most people. Generally, my experience sharing personal and sometimes intimate information with my relatives and my friends has been rewarding, because they have always seen me as someone who is honest, reliable and trustworthy. Notwithstanding, I have been in relationships in which I have disclosed too much information about myself, perhaps too soon, and its results have been detrimental and/or counterproductive. Now, I realize that in those instances I did not follow the appropriate guidelines to choose the adequate level of self-disclosure, as explained in chapter 8 of the textbook. In second thoughts… I have just decided no to resale my Looking In Looking out textbook. I am sure that I will need to refer back to it many times in the future. Word Count: 476

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