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This report was commissioned to examine the effectiveness of internal communication of a reputed consulting firm that has widespread reach on domains such as media intelligence, PR, consulting and training to undergraduate students. The research process included conducting in depth interviews with two of the department heads and also with a reporting subordinate. Other sources include organizational statements posted online and the behavioural aspects of employees as monitored before and during the interview process.
The research draws attention to key findings that the organisation fosters open communication and there is a strong commitment from top management towards ...view middle of the document...

* Reduce the bottlenecks during expansion by identifying key competencies to solve the aforementioned issues.
* Conducting communication workshops to ensure employees are on power with what is expected of them.

A successful organisation is one defined by its long term profitability. But what are not explicitly stated are the practices in place which drives the organisation and converts the idea to a finished product (Ford Henry Deepthi). More often it is the communication model adopted by the organisation through acquired practices and procedures that increases the legitimacy and survival prospects (Meyer and Rowan RAM). Smooth and effective communication is thus vital to the life of an organisation as it enhances job satisfaction, productivity and commitment (Downs & Adrian 2004ABC).

Traditionally, communication has evolved from a simple linear process (Goldhaber eta/., 1978ABC) to ‘acting on the message’ or ‘feedback’ with more importance rested on the receiver end. The ABC consulting firm is an enterprise that embodies the spirit and value of open communication within the confines of its NDA while leaning more towards creativity than constraint (Eisenberg RAM) as seen in the below figure 1.1. With a workforce of 15 expert on- board talent and 5 stingers in various parts of the globe, the firm concentrates on verticals such as Public Relations and Affairs, Social Media Marketing, HR and CSR Advisory. The ABC consulting firm provides solutions to an elite client list through their innovative work culture and out of box thinking.

Fig.1.1 Organizational Communication Balance

This study tries to evaluate the communication between verticals of the firm as well as practices within a vertical. Furthermore, this report pays attention to formal and informal communication practices within teams. Johnson et al. (1994) defined formal and informal communication, while the audit goes one step further and analyse the pros and cons of the two models within the limits of our study and provide suitable recommendations.

The audit was approached in three stages. Initially the audit critically analysed the mission statements and appraised the same. The next step proceeded by conducting in-depth interviews of two department heads and a subordinate employee to identify the gaps in communication. Also as secondary analysis we monitored the behavioural attributes of the employees. Later in the audit various ‘gaps’ were analysed and suggested recommendations that on implementation can fill these gaps.

Although this study might bring out certain drawbacks in the existing communication structure, this exercise is an internal consultation process drawn to motivate employees (Furnham and Gunter 1993, P204 Sreejith). The structure of this study was to use a mix of personal interviews of 30 minutes each as the primary data, backed by analysing the behavioural traits of employees and the company’s...

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