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Communication Auditing Essay

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The past few years have witnessed a significant increase in the role of communication in the success of an organisation, arousing colossal concerns of experts and organisation managers worldwide. Indeed, whether a company is large or small it is a truism that, financing, talent, experience and materials are not enough to succeed unless proper internal communication system are in place that enables smooth operations and enhances business activities (Tourish & Hargie 2009). Due to this significant nature of organisational communication, organisations such as Cordina Farms should focus special attention on how their employees and managers communicate within the ...view middle of the document...

1.2. Aims of the report
The primary aims of this document are to:
* Analyse and evaluate the communication practices at Cordina Farms to provide the company information needed to identify appropriate communication strategies as well as opportunities for improvement
* Encourage communication that is aligned with staff understanding, behaviour, and Cordina Farms’ stated core values.
* Provide suggestions to help Cordina Farms meet its communication goals.
* Ensure all employees satisfy with their levels of participation in the operation of the organisation.
1.3. Scope of the report
It is because communication is a broad term that we will limit our assessment and focus primarily on internal communication only. The report is designed to:
i. Identify communication practices and vehicles that are most effective in the context of Cordina Farms;
ii. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the actual communication culture;
iii. Locate communication gaps in two focal areas of the existing communication system;
iv. Offer recommendations to enhance communication within the organisation.
2.1. Methodology
2.1.1. Observation
We observed internal communication of Cordina Farms Quality Assurance department and in peer-to-peer interactions via internal communication channels. While observing, we listened for repeated keywords and the level of disclosure that staff shared with each other so as to assess employee understanding and belief in the organization's vision and perceived levels of trust and safety in their work environment.
2.1.2. Interviews
Interviews maintain a primary benefit as they are a personable and face-to-face social approach and reflect the interactive and highly personal and social interactive nature of communication. The interview method elicits new information and satisfies a human need (Millar & Gallagher 2000). As the interview method distinguishes itself from other methods, we viewed it vital to employ this method to match the organization and report's formative framework and we conducted three one-on-one interviews with three individuals in Quality Assurance department.
2.2. Report Findings
2.2.1. Communication implications
In an effort to improve communication of Cordina Farms, we set a specific ideal communication system as a benchmark or standard for the company in the first place. According to Clampitt and Berk (2000) as well as Cordina Farms’ future vision, a world-class communication system for the company can be achieved through the following five key features:
i. The commitment of the leadership team to effective communication.
ii. Adequate personnel and resources.
iii. Proper infrastructure of communication channels.
iv. Appropriate communication policies and procedures.
v. Object-oriented information management.
Commitment of leadership
* Managers’ willingness to improve the communication system.
* Vision...

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