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Communication Channel Assignment

Gary Lamour


25, October 2011
Thane Messinger

Communication Channel Scenario Assignment
Scenario 1
You are the Marketing Manager for a new beverage that has done remarkably well in the United States after its introduction especially in sports arenas such as football and basketball. The Vice President of Operations charged you and your team to develop a strategy for entering this new beverage into the global market. You need to take this task back to your team, provide them with the product details, and get them started as quickly as possible because they only have one week to develop a strategy. What communication channel will you ...view middle of the document...

What communication channel do you use to contact the IT department? Why is this channel the best choice in this situation? What communication channel will you use to inform your employees about what happened and provide them with the new login name and password? Why is this channel the best choice in this situation?
Methods Used For Scenario 2
I would use telecommunications to contact the IT department. Retrieving passwords for an application or applications are not common for me. Messages that are non routine are high in ambiguity which would require using channels that can convey large amounts of information. Since the IT department is offsite the phone would allow me a way to pass the information at one time, and the fastest way to communicate with the IT department. The phone would allow a method to pass on passwords in a more secure way. Once the login problem has been fixed by the IT department I would hold a meeting where I can convey information and passwords in a speech.

Scenario 3
You are the owner of a small editing company. You have ten employees working for you. Business has been slow and the bills are piling up. You have...

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