Communication Differences And Strategies Essay

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Communication Differences and Strategies

Communication Differences and Strategies
Communication that exists can be in the form of verbal and non-verbal communications. The verbal and non-verbal communication can be harmonized together; it may go against with each other. Males and females can be together in order to prevent miscommunication.
The article will discuss the different kinds of verbal and non-verbal communication both males and females apply. I would like to see if there are critical verbal and nonverbal peculiarities among men and women.
Secondly, the article will also try to explain the usual denominator of miscommunication among genders.
Lastly, it will discuss the ...view middle of the document...

Communication study showed that gender peculiarities in terms of language can be seen among men and women (Sapiro, 2003). This difference with verbal and written form of communication is commonly gendered specific.
Males and females do have verbal differences in communication; there are masculine languages which, usually, apply judgmental words while females make us of intensive words (Ivy & Backlund, 2008). The soft peculiarities in the tone of voice are present in both genders. Females are more used to high-pitched sounds while men use low-pitched sounds. But studies prove that both genders can make both pitches. Men avoid using high pitched voice because they do not like to sound like a woman. However, if women use lower sound, they feel like they are not credible enough to be trusted. Females use a lot of vocabularies when talking while males tend to use numerical terms (Sapiro, 2003). Women talk with their emotions, traits, and beliefs while men are the opposites (Sapiro, 2003).
Male conversations are perceived as active while female conversations are abstract (Sapiro, 2003). Usually, men used to be an active talker compared to women. However, females can understand the techniques of talking and allow them to control the conversation. However, if a person overused expressions, it can be regarded as a sign of discomfort (Ivy & Backlund, 2008).
Another, both genders are engaged in non-verbal communication. Females are more sensitive than males, and easily understand non-verbal cues (Gore, 2009). Females have several approaches in body language and were able to maintain eye contact in order to sustain the flow of conversation (Gore, 2009). Women are comfortable in maintaining eye contact, body language and smiles than males. However, men cannot maintain eye contact in the entire conversation; they are more tactical when talking to other people. Females are proven to be sensitive to non-verbal communication, and they can interpret actions easily compared to men (Gore, 2009). To sum, females tend to be more expressive and sensitive when it comes to non-verbal cues, they are soft, friendly and amiable when talking compared to men (Gore, 2009).
Miscommunication and the Causes
Males and females face a lot of issues on miscommunications. A miscommunication can occur when a man straightforwardly asks someone to response on a particular problem. Men are more persistent in finding answers and weighing possible solutions. Males are also responsive in providing feedbacks on a specific problem, and usually disregard the opinion of women (Ivy & Backlund, 2008). Another, women are more active in voicing out their problems and might tighten the relationship by having a conversation. Most often than not, females very much like to express themselves, but what they are doing is sharing their opinion. However, they wanted to ask for advice and assure themselves that someone is listening to them (Sapiro, 2003).
Males establish conversation in order...

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