Communication Opinion Paper

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communication Opinion Paper

Communication is part of our everyday lives and without effective communication our lives would be very different. Communication is not always verbal; it can be nonverbal by using body language or it can be in the written form of communication. Effective communication also plays a major role in the health care industry. Without effective communication in health care it could affect how a patient is treated and how they understand their health care issues.
Effective communication has many elements but the most important elements of communication are the sender, the message, channel, feedback and the receiver (Du Pre, 2005). For individuals effective health ...view middle of the document...

Health communication is a little different than the basic elements of communication because it is the way a person seeks, processes and shares health information. It is not just about the sender and receiver it is more complex. Individuals are actively involved in health communication and they are not just recipients of health information (Chochinov, et al., 2013). Without health communication doctors could not address patient concerns and treat their patient’s properly. Health communication has five important parts in order to be effective. The five parts of effective health communication are; communication is crucial to the success of health encounters, communication is an important source of personal confidence and one’s ability to cope, effective communication saves time and money, health care facilities operate more effectively, and media communication helps people learn about important health issues. (Du Pre, 2005).
Health care communication is not easy for everyone and at times it is hard for a health care provider to communicate with their patient. The patient can be reluctant in their communication to their provider or they may not understand what the provider is communicating to them. Many people do not trust health care workers because of the way some health care workers have treated them in the past. As a health care provider it is important to be sensitive when communicating with patients. Being friendly and receptive in health care settings will encourage the patients to open up and talk to their providers about their problem. (Du Pre, 2005). The more welcoming and caring a provider is to their patient the more open the patient will be to them.
Racism, stereotypes and discrimination are cultural...

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