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Communications Essay

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Identifying Written Communication Styles

There were several issues that I found with the letters and email that were inappropriate. The appreciation letter was very nice and it lets them know that you really appreciated the time for the interview. The last message of the letter “when will I be hired?” was not a wise choice. The appreciation letter is not to gain leverage on the outcome of getting hired (blatantly), but to literally ask that question in the same letter loses its merits. There are so many other alternative choices he/she could have made. ...view middle of the document...

The Positive aspects that I have discovered while analyzing the appreciation note was that leaving a professional thank you letter to the person that interviewed you or the hiring manager is an awesome way to gain a boost of points for yourself. Talking about the company is a good choice to talk around because it shows that you are interested. A few positive aspects that I have found while analyzing the project initiation e-mail was how he mentioned to his team members about bringing any material that can be referenced for the project, and to make extra copies for everyone. If members are left out without any material to reference about the project, than they cannot contribute.
A better way of writing these examples is stated in the first paragraph for the appreciation note. The note was a good choice, but to ask when will I be hired was not good thing to ask. Especially in the same letter thanking them for the time they took to interview you. Same thing for the second example where instead of saying you failed because you locked your keys in the car won’t get you nowhere. On the project initiation e-mail, everything was solid. One small thing I would have done is to say instead of “Hi Team Members” I would replace that with “Hi Name” to make it more personal. Anything that can be personal can achieve a better result.

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