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Community Environment Issue Essay

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Community Environmental Issue
Kornorton Sullivan
October 13, 2013
Claudia De Mendonca Synek Listopad

Community Environmental Issue
Environmental issues are continuously growing throughout America and the rest of the world. In order to protect what is left of the environment, each state developed an environmental department. These environmental departments are working to find ways to not only protect the environment, but to resolve the issues effecting the environment. Scientific assessments, risk analysis, public engagements, political considerations, and long-term environmental management is the starting point of succeeding in protecting the environment.
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By Georgia law and the federal Clean Air Act, Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division prepared state implementation plans that leads each air quality control region in the state to attain or move toward the attainment of national ambient air quality standards for six main pollutants: carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and ozone (Kundell, 2004-2013). The metro Atlanta area does not meet the standards of ground-level ozone. Columbus, Macon, Athens, and Augusta have high ozone levels and is need of additional emission controls.
Water is another major concern in Georgia. As the population in Georgia continues to grow, the intensity of the quality and quantity of the state’s water resources are in stress mode. The issues Northern Georgia faces is saltwater intrusion, the Biscayne aquifer along the coast, water allocation, reduction of population from nonpoint sources, water conservation and wastewater reuse, water and wastewater infrastructure construction and maintenance, and drought mitigation. The Flint River Drought Protection Act in 2000 and the creation of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District in 2001, prepared by the Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division, were environmental policies put in place to deal with these issues (Kundell, 2004-2013).
Land development is another issue for Georgia brought about by the population growth. There is a loss of greenspace due to the thriving economy and steady increase of population and its development practices, which is degrading the state’s air and water quality as well. The Georgia Planning Act in 1989 was passed by the state legislature to address the growth issues and to protect the environmental quality (Kundell, 2004-2013). This act uses protective measures for the wetlands, water supply watersheds, significant groundwater-recharge areas, stream...

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