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Company Profile Essay

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K.S. Rathore (Faculty Supervisor) ICFAI National College Study project work is an original one and has not been submitted earlier either to this university or any other institution for fulfillment of the course.

(Amit Kapasiya)

ICFAI National College


This project has greatly been a collaborative effort. I take this opportunity to thank all who have helped in the preparation and successful completion of this project work.

I oblige by deep sense of gratitude to the management of Tata Aig Life Insurance ltd Gwalior for their kind consent given to me to undertake in the organization.

I express my deep reverences and sincere thanks to Mr. M. S. Rathore, for his reference to get the project in Tata Aig Life Insurance Ltd.

I express my deep reverences and sincere thanks to Mr. Mahendra Manager of Tata Aig Life Insurance In Gwalior branch for their advice and supervision of this project report and all other executives and the staff in Tata Aig Life Insurance Ltd who have participated and supported in this study sparing their most valuable time and also for reaching to me in the most positive way in giving me the required information.

I express my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to faculties and to the management of INC College, Gwalior for their kind cooperation and encouragement.

Last but not least I would like to thank my friends for their support to complete my project report.




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