Compare And Contrast Essay An At Risk Youth

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An At-Risk Youth
As a fish that cannot go without swimming, Samantha cannot go without food. At age four, Samantha Stevens weighs fifty-four pounds and is among the obese range for her age and weight (Donvan and Patria). According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, about 17% of children from the ages of 2-19 are obese. This has become a hot topic throughout America during the last decade, therefore, the government has been forced to take action and provide hop to society. Two main programs have been seen to be effective, both having a different approach to reducing the obesity rates in America, those are the WIC (Women, Children and Infants) and the We Can! program. By ...view middle of the document...

I like how I’ve been able to keep track of my weight and health goals for me and my family (TVCCA).” WIC provides food for approximately 53% of all infants born in the United States. During 2012, the number of children, women, and infants receiving benefits from this program equaled to approximately 9 million people.
We Can!, stands for “Ways to Enhance Children’s Activities and Nutrition”. This is national movement that was created in order to give parents, caregivers, and communities to help children lead a healthy life (We Can!). We Can! provides healthy nutritious plans, exercise activities, and other tools to empower and help families lead a healthier lifestyle. “The program aims to help children stay at a healthy weight through community action, strategic partnership development, and national news and events.” Since the movement began in 2005, 16,000 communities have been developed using We Can! as a guideline for healthy living.
WIC is a government program established to reach out to low-income families to provide food vouchers for healthier items (WIC). Over the years, WIC has impacted society a lot since about 9 million people receive their benefits from this program. We Can! solely provides guidelines to healthy living. It is designed for caregivers and parents to guide children into a healthier, more active life. Although they both have seemed to have an impact in society, WIC, with it’s more hands-on approach, has caused a larger impact than We Can! But, WIC is missing also a very important element, what We Can! is successful at, providing guidelines. If WIC were to bring in the main element of We Can!, the program would turn out to be more successful. Since WIC is only provided for certain ages, once families retire from the benefits, they do not know how to continue living and leading a healthier lifestyle within their family. Combining the elements of both WIC and We Can!, would turn out to be very effective since it would completely cover the whole aspect to leading a healthier lifestyle. This demonstrates that by providing families food as well as empowering them, the obesity rate is most likely to decrease.
While We Can! is a very empowering source for healthy living, WIC provides a more involved approach to reaching out to society. Both programs have become essential and very helpful to society, but WIC treats face to face with people and has come to agreement with food providers in order for low-income family to purchase at lower prices. Based on research, WIC’s results are more successful and measurable, rather than We Can!’s, since their results are not very measurable. In conclusion, children obesity has become a large issue over the past years and society has taken on the duty to bring the percentage of obese children down. With the help and benefits of WIC and We Can!, American children can become healthier and decrease the risk of health related diseases.

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