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Compare And Contrast Maria De France And Ggk Part 3

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Compare and contrast Maria De France “Lanval” and GGK part III

I. Introduction paragraph
A) Thesis-Maria De France “Lanval” and Gawain poet or the pearl-poet “sir Gowain and the Green knight” have their similarities and their differences throughout the story that makes them great authors.
B) Brief summary of the two books

II. Similarities of characters personalities
A) There are many similarities that make the two books alike
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Differences of the characters personalities
A) With similarities in the story their comes differences
* Lanval is describe to be a handsome person who is been known to flirt to women
* In GGK Gawains is describe as the complete opposite but he is described as a humble person.
IV. Both the stories have their similar troubles
A) One of the things that both the stories have is the troubles women
-In GGK Part 3, Gawain trouble comes in when he meets a girl. The girl wants him to kiss her twice but Gawain doesn’t want to kiss her.
- In Lanval, Lanval tries to fetch a girl that he saw while hunting in the forest and ends up losing her.
V. Both of the stories have their differences when it comes to trouble with women
A) In Lanval, Lanval is falsely accused of seducing the queen. He is brought to the king and is accused of great wrong because he tried to seduced the queen. So he tries to do everything thing he can to say that he is innocent.
B) In GGK part III, Gawain is accused of not being the real Gawain by a captive lady. The lady tells her that the real Gawain would have not have left her chamber without the real Gawain giving her a kiss which alarms Gawain and confuses him.
VI. Conclusion

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