Compare The Way Love Is Represented In ‘Ghazal’ With One Other Poem

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Compare the way love is represented in ‘Ghazal’ with one other poem

‘Love’ can be defined as a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection to something or someone. Poe believed that all good literature must create a unity of effect on the reader and this effect must reveal truth or evoke emotions. His work is admired as an excellent example of how a short story can produce an effect on the reader; much like how ‘Ghazal’ and ‘Hour’ produce an effect of love and pathos towards the characters.
The poems ‘Ghazal’ by Mimi Khalvati and ‘Hour’ by Carol Ann Duffy are similar in many ways.
Firstly, the structures of both include couplets; however ‘Hour’ is in a sonnet form with 3 quatrains and a couplet to finish, and ‘Ghazal’ has 10 couplets. This shows the reader immediately that both poems are of the theme of love. Also, this type of structure links to Shakespeare’s sonnets, ...view middle of the document...

Both of these fairytales include meanings; Cinderella presenting love as time and Rumplestiltskin presenting love as gold taken from straw. Upon reading line 1, the reader can see that love is dependent on time; ‘love’s times beggar’ but time isn’t dependent on love. Time will go on regardless of whether love is present. In comparison, in the poem ‘Ghazal’ the poet presents love in a seductive and idiomatic manner. The poem also presents love as a permanent mark; ‘tattoo me’. A tattoo is there forever just like love. This could connote that their love is going to last forever. Equally, the author describes the lovers as completing one another. From lines 15 and 16 ‘If I rise in the as you die in the west, die for my sake, my love, every night renew me’ show this as well as a slight innuendo and reciprocity from the lover to the beloved. Conversely, this may suggest antithesis and that their love is not meant to be, this is because east and west are opposites therefore they shall never meet.
Furthermore, both Duffy and Khalvati use metaphors and flattery to portray love and infatuation with their other half. In ‘Ghazal’ Khalvati seems to make herself subservient ‘what shape should I take to marry your own’ as if saying how can I change myself to fit you perfectly. She also lists stereotypical pairings ‘moth to my flame’ which suggests that opposites attract and that she is creating an alluring attraction her lover can’t resist. Similarly, in ‘Hour’ Duffy uses ‘no chandelier can see you better lit’ to suggest that not even jewels, wealth or fame could make you any more beautiful, or show her real side any better than she is seen there, she wants to avoid the clichés of love and romance.
In conclusion, ‘Ghazal’ and ‘Hour’ both represent love; however they are represented differently in either poem. ‘Ghazal’ portrays it as the feeling of love between two people whereas ‘Hour’ portrays it to be as more one-sided, suggesting the love is not returned by the other half. Both poems have created a unity of effect on the reader and have revealed truth and emotions.

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