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Comparing And Contrasting Two Cultures Essay

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There are different cultural practices of people across the world that varies in one way or the other. According to Crapo (2013), a careful study of these cultures reveals that although there are some fundamental differences in the practices, sometimes it is common to find some similarities. In this study, I will focus on comparing the rites of passage between two communities in different countries. Each culture has its own rites of passage and its unique ways of celebrating such events. Some of these practices may have been restructured due to globalization and modernization that is turning the world into a global village. However, many communities still maintain their traditional heritage, ...view middle of the document...

The education has helped them shape some of their practices, especially those that were considered barbaric.
As mentioned, the Hindus have remained loyal to their traditional rites of passage. According to Rinehart (2004), the Hindus consider the rites of passage as stages in life that cannot be ignored. They celebrate these rites according to their traditional beliefs. These rites will always bring together the members of the extended families to share in the joy or grief, depending on their beliefs. Different rituals would be conducted in such ceremonies based on the nature of the event. The Egyptians, especially those in the Upper Egypt, have specific rites of passage for boys and girls from the time of birth, to the time they join adulthood, and their ultimate death at old age. This strong cultural heritage is still common in this region, and other communities that have lived together with the Egyptians for years, such as the Nubians, have embraced the culture and are still practicing it.
As previously mentioned, although the practices among the Hindu and that of the Egyptians have fundamental differences, there are some striking similarities which show that they have similar views of life in one way or the other.
There are fundamental similarities in the cultural practices among the Hindus and the Egyptians during the rites of passage. Both communities have three main rites of passage that are celebrated in different ways. The first rite of passage is the birth. In both communities, this is an important ceremony that is celebrated by the family and friends as they welcome a newborn into the society. In this ceremony, it is clear that members of the family and family friends would come with gifts as a sign that they welcome the newborn with open hearts. According to Asante (2002), the Egyptians would visit the parents of the newborn with gifts such as olive oil, myrrh, and other precious gifts. This is a practice that has been maintained among the people. Similarly, the Hindus would visit the family with various gifts. Members of the extended family would offer to conduct various chores for the mother of the child so that she would not strain.
Marriage is another rite of passage that is common among the Hindus and Egyptians. Although there are some differences in the activities and manner in which this function is conducted, it is clear that some similarities come out. One such similarity is that a marriage is organized by the parents. According to Moscovitch (2007), although the current generation among the Egyptians prefers choosing their own partners in marriage, their parents still have the final decision as to the marriage partner, especially among the girls according to the religion they practice. The same thing is still prevalent among the Hindus. The parents would propose the marriage partner and the two would be allowed to interact in order to determine if they are comfortable with each other. The parents then take over the...

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