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Comparing Online Shopping With Traditional Shopping

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Comparing Online Shopping with Traditional Shopping

Online shopping has grown to new heights over the last decade and shows no signs of
slowing down. The internet has brought practically every store in the world to the fingertips of
anyone with internet access. Shopping online gives the user the opportunity to search for the
product they want through endless avenues. Online shopping has grown so large that many
companies are not investing in buildings and mall space, rather in online websites and web
advertising. Through this paper I will discuss the reasons why shopping online is a better
alternative to traditional shopping.
The first benefit of online shopping is the convenience. While others are out fighting
traffic and waiting in lines, online shoppers are home relaxing. Online shoppers can go from
store to store with a flick of a mouse, while traditional ...view middle of the document...

You cannot always tell what the
merchandise is really like by seeing a picture of it on the Web. The color may be somewhat
different online than it appears in real life. The exact size and proper fit may be critical when it
comes to clothing. On the other hand, if you want to buy a product that you have already used
and are familiar with, the hands-on experience may not be so important. Price is always a
consideration. You may be able to use various tools on the Internet to compare prices and
quickly come up with the lowest price. Online auctions may permit you to save money, and
companies like eBay offer additional cost-saving opportunities. However, in some situations,
you may be able to get a lower price by taking advantage of an unadvertised sale at the mall. In
this case, you might never know about the sale if you do not go
Saving money is always a concern when shopping. Many people argue that shipping is
the downfall of online shopping. The truth is that if you take all things into consideration
shipping charges are minor. Often time the money you spend on gas, food, and time far
outweighs the cost of shipping.
As we have seen, there are benefits and drawbacks involved both in shopping in a
mall and online shopping. It seems more likely though that those who enjoy shopping may
prefer to do it in person while to feel their material, while come others know exactly what they
want. Online shopping or traditional shopping, everyone has a preference. If you enjoy being
out in the crowds, waiting in lines, and getting stressed out then traditional shopping is for you.
For me, I’ll take a hot cup of coffee and an easy chair. I believe that there really is no

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