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Comparing Oregon To Michigan Essay

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William Smith ENG110 Nancy Alman The Comparison of Living in Oregon as to living in Michigan I have lived in many states in my life time but when it comes to comparing states, I would have to go with Oregon and Michigan. I found that the differences with these two states would have to be these three things. First would have to be the seasons, then the landscape, and finally it would be the people. Oregon tends to have only two seasons. They are summer and winter, or as the locals say wet and dry. In the summer time it gets into the 90’s, yet at night it gets down into the 50’s, which makes for some nice sleeping weather. The ...view middle of the document...

It is said, that when it is hot and humid out, you can hear the corn grow. This brings us to fall, for me, maybe the best time of year. The trees are turning colors and there is a nip in the air. The geese and birds are grouping up getting ready to head south. The temperatures are starting to get cooler, yet it warms up nicely during the day. There almost always is a stretch of time, when it warms up and stays that way for a short period of time, this is called Indian summer. Now we are into winter. During this a time of year the nights get bitter cold and the days warm up very little. Unlike Oregon, the sun will come out, every once in a while brightening up the day. This helps with the sometime depressing times of winter. This is also the holiday time, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With winter lasting six months, the coming of the last season, spring, brings with it a sense of a new beginning. The trees are starting to bud and the spring flowers push their way thru the last of the winter snow. The geese are making their way back north and the song birds are out in force. Oregon has some of the most beautiful landscape. There are mountains on both the coast and in the middle of the state. They are the Cascades in the middle of the state and the Coastal Range which is, between the Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean. From the top of the pass that crosses the Cascades you can see many mountain tops, in both Oregon and Washington State. The mountains are mostly covered with conifer trees. The mountains offer some very nice hunting opportunities with plenty of elk, deer, and bear. There are many rivers and streams with some very good fishing. The ocean also offers deep sea fishing along with some very good crabbing areas. Michigan is manly a flat state, that best lends itself to farming. In northern Michigan there are many state forests that encompass thousands of acres of white pines. These wooded areas play host each fall to...

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