Comparing Religions Essay

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Comparing Religions
Lillian M. Floyd
Joss Hevel
December 19, 2012

Religion is an important part of American society. There are many different religions that people follow for their own reasons such as Baptist, Protestant, Lutheran, Catholic, Muslim, and Buddhism. Each religion has different followings and ways to receive faith through the religion. Which religion has the most faith and why does that religion has the most faith? This essay will examine comparisons between the Baptist religion and other religions such as Catholic, Protestant, and Lutheran. These religions are some of the most important religions in the world today. Some of the other religions that can be ...view middle of the document...

The theological differences are what keep both churches separate and different from each other. The Roman Catholic Church teaches salvation by works through the Sacraments, emphasizes Mass which is the re – sacrificing of the body and blood of Christ through Communion, believe in Purgatory, believe in a Universal church which was created by Apostle Peter, believe in prayer to Mary and the saints, believe in the Roman Catholic Bible, meditation of Roman Catholic priests, and the belief of worshipping icons. The Baptists believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, think the Catholic Mass is blasphemous and Christ died for everyone’s sins, they don’t know about Purgatory, and believes in heaven and hell, the autonomy of the local church is independent from all human authority, and prayer is made to God through Jesus Christ, Bible and faith alone is enough for all practice, believes in only one mediator which is Jesus Christ, and believe that worshipping religious icons is idolatry. The next comparison that will be made is the Baptist religion versus the Lutheran religion.

The Baptist and Lutheran religion come from the same Christian sect of religion, but there are many differences between the two religions. The Lutheran religion was created on the ideas of Martin Luther during the 16th century to reform Christianity by teaching grace by faith alone (Lutheran vs. Baptist, 2012). The Baptist religion was created during the 17th century by English separatist John Smyth to reject the baptism of infants and instead baptize adults that believe in God and Jesus Christ. The only similarities between Lutheran and Baptist religions is that both religions believe in the same God, refer to same Bible, and hold church services. The Lutheran religion believes that people are saved by God’s grace and faith alone. The Lutherans also believe in the Sacraments which they use to value sanctification and justification through grace. Baptism is used as a means of grace and the application is by the sprinkling of water. Communion uses real bread and wine which is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The Baptist religion’s beliefs are very much different. Baptist believes that salvation is through faith alone and they recognize the Bible as the rule of faith and practice. Faith is a matter between god and individuals. Baptists use baptism as a testimony of previous acts of repentance and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Baptists use full immersion into water to wash away a person’s sins. Communion is considered a symbolic representation and grape juice is substituted for wine. The next religions that will be compared are the Baptist religion and the Protestant religion.

The Baptist and Protestant religions are considered the same religion, but they are very much different from each other. The Protestant religion was formed during the 16th century by groups of Lutherans, Reformed, and Roman Catholics that had left the faith...

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