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Comparison Contrast Paragraph Between Cell Phones And Landline Phones

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Chapter I
Project background
This Chapter deals with the proposed Business Name, Title of the Study, store location, Business Logo, Brief Description of the project, General Objectives, Research Methodology and Survey.
Proposed Name of the Business
The future entrepreneurs come up with Golden Glow as the name of the business. The word “Golden” describes the color of deep fried empanada. The word “Glow” comes from how vegetables can contribute on our health. ''Golden Glow’’ is an easy name to recall.

Title of the Study
The Profitability of Veggie Empanada in Barangay Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Store Location
The business will be located in Barangay Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. ...view middle of the document...

There are two kinds available: the baked sort and the flaky fried type. Potatoes are often added as an extender, while another filling is kutsay or garlic chives.
Another traditional Filipino empanada which is currently experiencing a revival is the empanada de calisquis, which has a very flaky, crust somewhat similar to flaky pastry, but has a crunchier mouth-feel due to it being deep-fried. As the flakes of the crust resemble scales coming off. Empanadas in the northern part of the Ilocos are different. These usually have savory fillings of green papaya, mungo beans, and sometimes chopped Ilocano sausage (chorizo) and egg yolk. Rather than the soft, sweet dough favored in the Tagalog region, the dough used to enclose the filling is thin and crisp, mostly because Ilocano empanadas use rice flour colored orange with achuete and is deep-fried rather than baked.

Survey Method
Survey was conducted to 400 respondents among 6,008 residents of Baragay Bubukal Sta. Cruz, Laguna to get their opinion regarding vegetable empanada. The survey questionnaire would be distributed to the randomly selected respondents. It was used to know the respondents` perception and preference regarding the proposed business.

Sampling Technique
Random sampling technique is used to gather all available information to determine the marketability of the Veggie empanada. Through random sampling technique, the researchers would be able to figure out if the product would be suitable to a broad spectrum of potential customers.

The researchers distributed questionnaires to 400 respondents living in the vicinity of Barangay Bubukal Sta. Cruz Laguna. It is equivalent to 6.65% of the total population of Brgy. Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
Sloven's Formula
The future entrepreneurs used the Sloven's Formula to determine the needed number of respondents.
n = N
1+N (e)2
N= the number of respondents
e= margin of error (5%)
n= number of needed respondents
n = 6,008
1 + 6,008 (.05)2
n = 6,008
6,009 (.0025)
n = 6,008
n = 399.93 or 400 needed respondents

Chapter II
Management Study
In democratic style of management, the manager allows the employees to take part in decision making: therefore everything is agreed upon by the business partners. This style best fits the proponents` organization because decisions offer a great deal of flexibility to adapt to better ways of doing things.
On the other hand, when business operations become critical, then autocratic style of management will be implemented. The manager will make the decision alone. These two types of management styles will provide greater flexibility on decision making. However, most of the time, the manager will use democratic style of management.

Form of Ownership

Figure 2
Form of Ownership
Golden Glow

Figure 2 shows the equal sharing of ownership in capitalization, profit and loss of the future...

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