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Comparison Of Beowulf Film And Book

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TEMA: ComparISON about Beowulf


AÑO: 2016– V Ciclo


The story of Beowulf is a timeless tale that many people have heard before. Beowulf is the great Anglo-Saxon hero who represents all that is good in the world and fights to protect the innocent. Beowulf goes out to battle monsters ...view middle of the document...

In contrast with these similarities there are many differences between the poem and the film.
There are substantial changes between the character Beowulf in the poem and in the film. First of all, there is the fact of the way that Beowulf is portrayed physically. Beowulf is described in the poem as being “below average size” and looked taller sitting down than standing up”. He is also described as having “straight brown hair and strong wrists”. In the film, he is seen as being the same size as everyone else and also as having blonde hair. In addition, Beowulf’s personality is completely different in the poem and in the film. In the poem Beowulf is a humble man that accepts his faults and recognizes the fact that he is not perfect. “Please don’t think of me as some kind of saint. That would make me as monstrous as Grendel, although in the other direction.” This quote demonstrates how Beowulf admits that he is not all good and that there is evil inside of him that he must deal with. In the film, Beowulf is arrogant. He brags about what he has done and the skills he has and does not...

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