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Comparison Of Different Types Of Media And The Impact Of Online Media In The Hotel Industry

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Comparison of different types of media and the impact of online media in the hotel industry
With more and more people are becoming internet savvy, communicates with the customer through Internet is more efficient and cost effective. Online and social media open up a new way to distribute promotion messages to potential customers. The aim of this paper attempts to analysis the difference between traditional media and online media and how hotelier combine both online and traditional media to drive brand awareness. We will also talk about the impact of online and social media in the hotel industry.

Traditional media are one of the business communication method that distribute messages to ...view middle of the document...

Many scholars believe traditional media still perform a significant part in business communication.

The benefit of traditional media such as television advertisement is able for companies to reach their targeted customer by select the right channel and right air time. So as printed sales materials and fact sheets, it provide opportunities for sales executives to meet the customer face to face. During the face to face selling, sales executives can use their selling technique to sell more product and up sell the guest to buy high tier products. While the disadvantages of traditional media like television advertising is extremely expensive and cannot reach the customer globally. Also, it is quite difficult to measure the business performance. There is also limitation of printed media. It is not particularly attractive compare with online media. Secondly, it is more difficult to update and distribute the messages. Finally, printed media has a greater impact on the environment as printed materials require natural earth resources such as tree and water to produce paper.

The biggest benefits of online media are provides maximum exposure to promote the products globally and at any time. According to the search engine professional, online media proved to be the most inexpensive method to deliver business messages. For examples, companies can upload corporate video on YouTube at no cost or post promotion message on Facebook and twitter to drive online traffic. Companies also can send out an electronic newsletter to let potential customers know the latest business update. In spite of the advantages of online media, it also has some drawbacks. Although more people are becoming tech savvy, online media are available to a limited group of people. Many senior citizens are not interested in online surfing. As such, some of the potential customers may not seen the online promotion campaign if they do not go online. Secondly, social media allow customers to share their experience online, the company may have negative comments from customers if their service is not up to standard.

Dr Vinton Cerf, known as 'Father of Internet' interviewed by Mr Bernard Aboba in 1993, discuss the history and the development of internet. Dr Cerf invented the architecture of the Internet in late 1960s to early 1970s. Dr Cerf mentioned that Internet became more common when the arrival of the world wide web in early 1990s. Internet grew more importantly when broadband internet access became available to the public markets in late 1990s. World Wide Web and electronic mail (e-mail) plays a vital element of internet. It allows people to spread text, photos, and video through a rapid and inexpensive method.

Before the Internet era, most of the bookings are...

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