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Compensation Management Essay

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Compensation Management
HR 434
“Conducting Job Evaluations”
Carmen Campbell
Professor David Gebhardt

My position pays what? How does my job rank among other jobs in the area? Responsibilities which encompass a job determines compensation, from which, a company will pay an employee’s for their time, skills or services used to complete assigned work. Job evaluation consists of factors which describe the responsibilities required of a particular job and the value the company has assigned to factors the employee accomplishes. As an employer and an employee understanding the factors associated with job evaluation are important to determine if the responsibilities and pay ...view middle of the document...

Ability refers to how an employee uses knowledge and experience to complete assigned responsibilities. Formalized education, company web-based training or on-the-job-training are ways to obtain knowledge required to fulfill required responsibilities. In regards to Job Evaluation, the minimum education required from the employer to fulfill the job indicates should be listed as a requirement. A company can also use training as a molding technique for an individual to further qualify for a job. The armed services, police academies, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other institutions use mental and/or physical challenge(s) to stress out applicants through job related experiences while at the same time training applicant’s skills required to be successful in the performance of the applied for job. Job evaluation uses skills to distinguish different internal levels of responsibilities/job within a company and verifies the jobs correlate or is competitive with the industry standards within the region. Skills refer to an ability to accomplish a job, while effort describes the energy required to perform the job.
Effort refers to the exertion the employee must expend to complete assigned duties. Effort involves mental, physical or both activities. An activity that requires intense physical activity would need applicants that are physically qualified to perform assigned jobs. Firemen require both physical and mental endurance. Activities such as climbing ladders, forcibly entering domiciles, rescuing victims, while at the same time determining who should be saved first, checking their partners safety and figuring out how to best maneuver the path in front and behind them could be a little bit too stressful for some but the precise fit for others. (Fire Career Assistance, 2004). A job evaluation helps employees and employers understand where the employees stress is to be expected and the associated compensation for responsibilities performed for the job selected. Mental, physical endurance or both are factors which employees need to understand and job evaluation must take time to fully describe the expected position responsibilities.
Responsibility describes what an employer expects an employee to be accountable in performance of his or her job. This factor measures what the employee is responsible to accomplish, the level of responsibility to others, employee interaction with business associates within and outside the company, freedom to make decisions, scope and effect of decisions made, breadth of responsibility. (University of Guelph, 2012). Although Penn State did not knowingly or unknowingly support Jerry Sandusky’s sexual assaults on young boys the University eventually took responsibility their former assistant coaches actions. Penn State held the infamous head coach Joe Paterno, the schools president, athletic director and finance official responsible for withholding or not disclosing “rumors” heard about Sandusky. ...

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