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Compensation Paper

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Compensation and Benefit Strategy of an Organization
DeVry University
Nov 7, 2013

This paper is to identify the challenges in the compensation and benefits system within an organization. This system is meant to attract potential candidates to an organization that are looking for individual that meets their qualifications. However, there are changes being made in our society, with competitive advantage, and it is getting complicated for companies to attract potential candidate. Compensation is a complicate system because companies have to retain their employees once they are through the door. Compensation varies among employees due to their level of education, experience and their ...view middle of the document...

The challenges that are face within BAGS INC. are incentives and benefits, for its lower level employees. The company does not provide healthcare for their hourly employees. However, upper management, are paid by salary and are provided with healthcare and incentives. Bags Inc. will need to reevaluate their compensation and benefits system to accommodate their hourly employees. Nevertheless, note that 30% of the hourly employees have benefits from outside of the company, but those that do not, the company plans to reduce full time employees to part-time to accommodate the benefits. In addition, it’s getting complicated in retaining their employees due to lack of incentives and rewards programs. There is not enough recognition for our employees, and this is where the company lacks. Because it’s a small business, the company might not have the financials for it. However, there are reward and incentive programs that are cost effective, and creative. Mr. Nelson, in Secrets of Successful Employee Recognition, states “involving employees-especially in decisions that affect them-is both respectful to them and practical. People who are closest to the problem or customer typically have the best insight on how to improve a situation,” (Nelson). Recognition does not necessarily mean that gifts or monies are always involved; just the simplest gesture helps in acknowledging that the employees’ opinion matters. Furthermore, Disney, one of the most profitable companies, has created many incentive and recognition programs for its employees. One program, the Spirit of Fred named after one of their own employee, Fred, who started as an hourly employee had worked his way up to a salaried position, by acquiring training from five different individuals. The name FRED became the acronym for Friendly, Resourceful, Enthusiastic and Dependable which are the values of Disney. Any employees that acquire these values are recognized with a plaque. Bags Inc. must strategize elements that can create these programs to recognize their employees. The strategies that Disney utilizes in creating recognition program, is by the demonstrating it within their own employees, by going above and beyond and making a difference not only to their cast members but also to their guests. Disney values their guest opinions, and love to build memories for them. When their employees develop these values, this strategy rubs on other employees that build memorable experiences.
The strategy that I propose is the organization should follow is to address its benefit challenge, by creating a rewards program that will depict the achievement of their employees. The reward program will not only recognize the employee’s achievement but will show the appreciation of their hard work and loyalty from the company. In addition, feedback from their employees will demonstrate the employee’s opinions matters. The INC. article states,” In order to reap benefits such as increased productivity, the entrepreneur...

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