Competences Between Adn And Bsn Nurses

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Competences Between an Associate’s Degree [ADN] and Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree [BSN]
Maria Abbey.
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V Professional Dynamics.

Quality of patient’s care as concerns nursing hinges on having a well-educated nursing workforce just like other professions. The nursing profession is made up of different categories of educational levels of nurses ranging from associate degree [ADN] to bachelor in science [, BSN] masters in science[MSN] and doctorate in nursing. The level of competence varies according to their level of academic exposure. This discussion will narrow to the above competences.
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Thanks to the trend of progression nursing profession has achieved in the health care work force.

The bachelor of science level nurse is one that holds 4-year programmed certificate obtained from an accredited tertiary institute or university where she /he is exposed to detailed academic exercise. This nurse is called a professional nurse who is capable of handling her multi-faceted tasks with guaranteed quality results. She has knowledge in critical thinking, decision making, leadership training nursing research, and administrative roles. This nurse has much improved communication skill due her interactive pattern of learning while in training. She has a holistic approach to her patient care thereby enhancing good patient nurse relationship.The knowledge the BSN nurse gets from formal university education is for multitask purposes and its worth it.The BSN nurse is quick to delegating assignment to the nurses aides because of her scope of training,just as the group discussion is exposing us in this course.There is job description mentality and group /team work approach which makes nursing unique.This is my honest practical experience on my job that I am sharing right now.This brings to my memory why the nurse manager on my floor is always calling for huddles meetings and updating the nurses on happenings on daily basis including updates on nursing seminars workshops and renewal of certificates like basic and advanced life support certification
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