Competency Mapping Essay

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Competency Mapping


A lot is going on in recent times on the issue of competency mapping. A lot of resource is spent and consultants are invited to do competency mapping. Competency mapping is gaining much more importance and organizations are aware of having good human resources or putting the right people on right job.

Competency mapping is important and is an essential exercise. Every well managed firm should have well defined roles and list of competencies required to perform each role effectively. Such list should be used for recruitment, performance management, promotions, placements and training needs identification.

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According to Harvard Business Review Daniel Katz grouped competency into three areas which later expanded in to the following four:

• Technical
• Managerial
• Human
• Conceptual

In competency mapping all details of the behaviors (observable, specific, measurable etc) to be shown by the person occupying that role are specified.

Who Identifies Competencies?
Competencies can be identified by one of the following category of people:

• Experts
• HR Specialists
• Job analysts
• Psychologists
• Industrial Engineers

What Methodology is used?
The following methods are used in combination for competency mapping:

• Interview
• Group work
• Task Forces
• Task Analysis workshops
• Questionnaire
• Use of Job descriptions
• Performance Appraisal Formats etc.

How to Identify Competency?
The process of identification is not very complex. Some of the methods are given below:

1. Simply ask each person who is currently performing the role to list the tasks to be performed by him one by one, and identify the knowledge, attitudes and skills required to perform each of these jobs. Consolidate the list and present it to a role set group or a special task force constituted for that role.
2. Appoint a task force for each role.

Who can do competency mapping?
Competency mapping is a task which can be done by many people. Now days all Management schools and those specializing in HR train the students in competency mapping. Any Masters in Management or Social Sciences or an Employee with Equivalent Experience and training can develop these competencies.

Some Tips on How to do Competency Mapping?
Pick up a job or role that is relatively well understood by all individuals in the company. For e.g. Sales Executive, Assistant HR Manager, Receptionist, PR Manager etc. are known to all and easy to profile. Work out competencies for this role if necessary with the help of job analysis specialist or an internal member who has knowledge of competency mapping.

ADC & AC are used to identify Competencies?
• Assessment Centers are centers set up by an organization for periodic or continuous assessment of competencies required to perform current, future likely or higher level jobs/roles/tasks. They are increasingly used to identify high fliers and develop leaders/ competencies for the future.
• They are also being used for recruitment purposes to assess the suitability of the...

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