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Competency Matrix Essay

1812 words - 8 pages

Computer Science

2n (Level 0)

n2 (Level 1)

n (Level 2)

log(n) (Level 3)

data structures

Doesn’t know the difference between Array and LinkedList

Able to explain and use Arrays, LinkedLists, Dictionaries etc in practical
programming tasks

Knows space and time tradeoffs of the basic data structures, Arrays vs LinkedLists, Able to explain how hashtables can be
implemented and can handle collisions, Priority queues and ways to implement them etc.

Knowledge of advanced data structures like B-trees, binomial and fibonacci
heaps, AVL/Red Black trees, Splay Trees, Skip Lists, tries etc.


Unable to find the average of numbers in an array (It’s hard to
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Knows how to branch and merge, use patches setup repository properties etc.

build automation

Only knows how to build from IDE

Knows how to build the system from the command line

Can setup a script to build the basic system

Can setup a script to build the system and also documentation, installers,
generate release notes and tag the code in source control

automated testing

Thinks that all testing is the job of the tester

Has written automated unit tests and comes up with good unit test cases
Has written code in TDD manner
for the code that is being written

Understands and is able to setup automated functional, load/performance
and UI tests

2n (Level 0)

n2 (Level 1)

n (Level 2)

log(n) (Level 3)

Able to come up with reusable functions/objects that solve the overall problem


Knowledge of distributed VCS systems. Has tried out

Use of appropriate data structures and algorithms and comes up with
generic/object-oriented code that encapsulate aspects of the problem that
are subject to change.


problem decomposition

Only straight line code with copy paste for reuse

Able to break up problem into multiple functions

systems decomposition

Not able to think above the level of a single file/class

Able to break up problem space and design solution as long as it is within
Able to design systems that span multiple technologies/platforms.
the same platform/technology

Able to visualize and design complex systems with multiple product lines
and integrations with external systems. Also should be able to design
operations support systems like monitoring, reporting, fail overs etc.


Cannot express thoughts/ideas to peers. Poor spelling and

Peers can understand what is being said. Good spelling and grammar.

Is able to effectively communicate with peers

Able to understand and communicate thoughts/design/ideas/specs in a
unambiguous manner and adjusts communication as per the context

Methods are grouped logically or by accessibility

Code is grouped into regions and well commented with references to other source files

File has license header, summary, well commented, consistent white space
usage. The file should look beautiful.

n2 (Level 1)

n (Level 2)

log(n) (Level 3)


code organization within
no evidence of organization within a file
a file
2n (Level 0)
code organization across
No thought given to organizing code across files

Related files are grouped into a folder

Each physical file has a unique purpose, for e.g. one class definition, one feature implementation etc.

source tree organization

Everything in one folder

Basic separation of code into logical folders.

No circular dependencies, binaries, libs, docs, builds, third-party code all organized into appropriate folders

code readability

Mono-syllable names

Good names for files,...

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